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marke Site Administrator
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The search function is now implemented in the carb counting pages and the ability to add your own items now works properly ! No one told us it didn't and unfortunately in our test environment it DID work. Anyway it all works now, you may have to enable javascript to get it to work though. If you don't know what this means, chances are it WILL work for you.

Zandrew DAFNE HCP 4 posts

Thanks! It looks really useful. I'm running a DAFNE course in May and will promote the new tool! It would be great to build up the database with more entries....

Bex DAFNE Graduate
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i've only just completed a DAFNE course and i'm finding the book and my food lables are telling me contrary ideas - which should I follow?

plus, the book only has orange juice, are all other juices the same CP values - i prefer apple juice and my local bottles have no nutritional values on them!?!

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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The answer I'm afraid is your own experiences. Both are guidelines and are not set in stone since there are a number of factors involved.
I'm afraid you can only use them as a guideline and then see what happens. I would also recommend the following books:

food and diet counter - Dr Wynnie Chan - ISBN: 978-0-600-60709-0
Carb Counter - Collins Gem - ISBN: 0-00-717601-5

Both have lots of carb values in, they suggest that orange juice has 22g of carb for 250ml and apples has 24.8 of carb for 250ml. Hopes this helps.

Claire Hough DAFNE Graduate
Arroww Park, Upton, Wirral
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I tend to follow food labels and just use the book as a back up when something doesn't have a food label or for foods like fruit / veg / potatoes etc. I would say that food labels are a bit more reliable as different brands etc are all different sizes and ingredients which then affects the carbs. For example, I now know that a packet of supermarket sandwiches tends to be 4.5 - 5 CPs whereas if I just counted it as two pieces of bread I would only count it as 2 or 3 CPs. As Mark said it is all trial and error really.

I have also learned from recent experience that I need to count a grapefruit as 1CP and my salad that I have for lunch every day as 2CPs, whereas previously I would not have counted either of these two things as any CPs! I don't know whether this is just me or the same for everyone?


Croydon NHS
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My top tip is the Collins Little Gem Calorie Counter, which only costs a couple of quid. Note, I DID mean the Calorie Counter, rather than the similar Little Gem Carb Counter. The former is much clearer on carb content per 100g than the latter, which often uses portion sizes.

PNThompson DAFNE Graduate
North East London Foundation Trust (Havering)
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I completed the DAFNE Course at the end of April, and after a couple of weeks, found it awkward to do the calculations, and think that some of those calcs were wrong.
What I have managed to do, is input some data into an excel format.
The input contains the amount of carbs per 100g, and you input the weight of the portion, and the computer calculates the CP figure, and also works in the ratios, and adjustments according to the BG prior to the meal.

The only problem with this, is that you need the carb contents, but generally works ok for any packaged products.

Looking at some of the Carb contents, they differ according to the Company producing the food, so I am wary about CP Counts listed in the book or in the Carb Counter.

ianmac DAFNE Graduate
NHS Tameside and Glossop
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Is it possible to order the Dafne carb counter book which were given on the course

graduated 6 weeks ago and have seen marked improvement on blood glucose levels but still a lot to learn esp on takeaways



marke Site Administrator
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Ian, I have put your question to the nice ladies at DAFNE Central. i will update you when I have a reply. In the mean time you can always use the online version, it should be identical to the paper version.

Claire Hough DAFNE Graduate
Arroww Park, Upton, Wirral
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Yes it is! My lovely friend Becky (who is also registered on here) ordered me a spare one and some diaries I think for a small price like 70p each. I will ask her to come on and pass on the details. Claire