Mulled wine

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Diana 7 posts

Possibly the wrong time of year for this one(!) but I have some left over from Christmas and it's still cold enough for it...

Anybody know roughly how many carbs are in a glass? (just the supermarket stuff). I just found a website which says 30g CHO for 120mls homemade wine, but that would mean injecting 4.5u on my current ratio of 1.5:1, which goes against my gut instinct...

Widster DAFNE Graduate
University Hospitals, Leicester
23 posts

I didn't think you needed to adjust for wine as the alcohol would bring your blood glucose down after a while. I may be wrong though...

Diana 7 posts

I wouldn't normally adjust for alcohol but I've found in the past that mulled wine sends my BS a bit high when I don't count it. Also, I wonder if microwaving it zaps the alcohol to some extent? It never goes to my head, whereas the same quantity of red wine would! Anyway, I injected 4.5u and a couple of hours later my BS was 5.6 so 30g CHO/120mls must be about right.

Emma Dietitian
University Hospitals, Leicester
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I have checked this recently (despite the unseasonal timing) and it is 2 1/2 CPs per 100 ml, so you're spot on with your guess. Traditionally, demerera sugar is added, so this makes sense.
I would still use DAFNE principles of 1/2 unit QA per CP and a snack afterwards of you do enjoy more than a glass or 2 though!

Jim Burnett DAFNE Graduate
NHS Grampian
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Microwaving would 'zap' the alcohol, just like any cooking would cause the alcohol to evaporate. You'd be left with just the sugar!