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All, you may or may not be aware that from June 1st of this year a new way of reporting HBA1c came into effect. To give everyone time to adjust to the new way of reporting HBA1c will be reported in the new AND the old way until 1st June 2011 at which time only the new way will be reported.

Full details of the change including how to convert between the old % value and the new value are
available here in a Diabetes UK leaflet on the subject.

It doesn't directly affect DAFNE as such, however it will make exchanging data between different countries that run DAFNE easier since they will all be using the same units of measurement.

Two years sounds like a long time, however that might only be 2 HBA1c tests depending on how often you see your Diabetes team, so before you know it you will have to know the new figures. Let us know your thoughts on the subject , do you find the new way confusing ? Is the change a good or a bad thing ?