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Robert O DAFNE Graduate
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
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I've recently been put on a freestyle libre sensor and inquiring the countdown to when I need to change it when the countdown ends does it need to be changed there and then or will it work for a short while afterwards if so how long

EdwardR DAFNE Graduate
Oxford - OCDEM
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You probably know by now but the Freestyle reader and app will not scan it at all once the time is up

I use Libre in conjunction with a miaomiao* and xDrip which does keep taking data for a few more hours if you overshoot and the readings seem to still be good.

You can insert the replacement sensor early and only activate it once the time is up. They used to say the first 12 hours or so of readings were no good so it was worth putting the sensor in early but I think they've fixed that now.