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richarde500 DAFNE Graduate
Durham Diabetes Network
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Hi there. For my BSc. (Hons) Business Computing Top up degree, one of the units in this semester is called Research Methods. The research topic which I have chosen to do is "How has the advancements of technology helped you manage your diabetes?". It would be wonderful if you could fill out the online survey, it will really help me out and it shouldn't take too long to complete. The final date to complete the survey will be the 7th December as I need to analyse results and write up the findings into an academic research paper.

The link can be found here ↓

Thanks in advance for helping me with my research project.

Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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Hello Richard,

Is it OK to fill this out if we aren't based in the UK?


richarde500 DAFNE Graduate
Durham Diabetes Network
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Yeah. It’s fine. The more people who participate the better. Means once I close the survey, I can get a more accurate answer. All the data is anonymised

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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all filled in...... Very Happy