Managing diabetes on a holiday to Nepal

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Not posted before - but looking for any help, advice or comments on the following:

I am visiting Nepal for a holiday in 10 days time. Has anyone any experience of this country in respect of managing their diabetes. I am visiting Kathmandu, Chitwan National Park, Pokahra areas so altitude less than 2000 metres. Any advice on type of food in respect of carb counting, anticiapted problems with meter would be helpful. I appreciate it is a late request but any feedback would be welcomed. I am 65 and relatively fit for my age I am not going treking to base camp or climbing Everest!

I was going to use the site for calculating my basal insulin for the flights but have not found it so useful this time (unlike in the past for trips to USA & Canada) so if anyone knows of any other such calculators for managing basal insulin (twice daily for me) on flights / time zones I would be please to know of them.

Thanks in anticipation.