Splitting lantus dose

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Sarahbean DAFNE Graduate
Rotherham General Hospital
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Hi everyone. I was recently taken off levemir as I was having a bad skin reaction to it. I was moved on to lantus. I'm finding it really difficult to get my daily dose right Sad has anyone here taken lantus as a split, twice daily dose? How did it work for u.?

SimonC DAFNE Graduate
NHS Harrow
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I split mine - have done for years - currently equally 10 at 0900 and 10 at 2100, but I adjust depending on weight - if a put on a few kg's then I need to up it - and usually this is the 2100 dose as I am often rising in the morning - my consultant doesn't recommend having too bigger gap between the 2 doses though

Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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I also had a skin reaction when injecting Levemir, although the first 14 months on it were wonderful. I've also split-dose Lantus previously although I am currently on a single daily dose now for reasons that I can't quite remember - I was probably having too many hypos on the split dose.

I find that Lantus usually lasts about 18 hours for me, not the full 24, but because I have it in the evening, and I cycle home 5 days a week, it works out OK as otherwise I tend to go a bit low on the cycle home.

I do find with Lantus though that any changes seem to take a couple of days before they take effect which makes it difficult to work out what I need to change. Levemir on the other hand tended to be gone from my body pretty quickly (within 12-16 hours) making it much better for tweaking. Just a shame about the reaction.