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alturn DAFNE Graduate
NHS Grampian
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I currently use an Optium Xceed. One of the main reasons is that I can "top-up" the strip with more blood if I don't get enough on the first attempt. This happens quite frequently.

At my last clinic, I got a Optium Neo, which doesn't seem to allow this "top-up", nor does my Aviva Xpert. The Neo allows the clinic to upload all my readings to Diasend.

Does anyone know of a newer meter which allows blood top-ups, and is also compatible with Diasend?

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Don't know about the Diasend compatibility but the Contour next test strips allow top up of blood if you didn't manage enough the first time.

there are a few different models of meter that are compatible with these strips, contour one, contour link etc...

alturn DAFNE Graduate
NHS Grampian
78 posts

Thanks for the info.

I've managed to solve the problem by :

a) improving my lancing technique, much fewer failures.

b) I also got a cable (on eBay, couldn't find on Abbott web-site as maybe not available any more) which allows the Xceed to transfer to Diasend. It uses the meter strip slot to extract the data, looks like Neo uses a micro-USB connector.

So hopefully at my next clinic I can transfer data from ny Xceed directly, just need to take cable.