Four O'clock Follies (or why does my BG fall off a cliff at 4pm)

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Biker Andy DAFNE Graduate
Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
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Dear Assembled Pancreatic-ally Challenged,

As DAFNE-ilise by CP ratios and tweak my BI levels, as I've got my BG levels back to "my feet won't fall off" levels I've noticed a strange problem, my BG levels really start to drop at around 4pm. I can see from my Libre that everything is stable up to them, then it falls off a cliff (a 2m/mol drop in an hour).

Any one got any bright ideas as to why it might be happening? And solutions (ideally ones that don't involve a new regular 4pm Krispy Kreme)

thanks, all


Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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Can you please share your DAFNE diary with this thread? (Select dates in the "Include my Blood Glucose Diary entries between" section below). In the diary also include anything relevant such as exercise, times of stress, or when stress is released. We then have a better idea of your doses, when they occur and can make better suggestions. Otherwise it is just too vague. Thanks.