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Colin McC DAFNE Graduate
Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
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For many years now I have used BD Micro-Fine Ultra pen needles 4mm/32g with no problems. Today I discovered my GP has replaced these needles for the BD Viva 4mm/32g version. Apparently the GP has been directed, by whom I do not know, to now prescribe these. I can only imagine it is due to NHS costs, £20 approx for the Micro-fine against £7 approx. for the Viva. So I ask has this happened to anyone else & does anyone use the Viva? Be pleased to know if the Viva are any good as I bruise easily.

michaelj DAFNE Graduate
South East Kent PCT
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No problems with manufacturer but called in to see Diabetic nurse ( not my usual one) who decided I should be using 4mm and not the 6mm I have been using for years with no problems. Within 48 hours bloods in the 20's and no way to get them down. Ratios up from 2--1 to 3--1 no effect basal up from 33 to 39 no effect. After a week of this tried to contact Diabetic care team only to get no response after leaving a message on their answerphone. Have now gone back to 6 mm needles and situation is now back to normal.
Question 1 -- Has anyone else had this problem after changing needles
Question 2 -- Does anyone else suffer this 'I know better than you' attitude from health care professionals

sjohno DAFNE Graduate
Royal Derby Hospital
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I was changed from a 6mm to a 4mm in April 2016 by my DAFNE AHP and it was the best thing she ever did for me. It was her suggestion that she thought they would be better for me so the experience was very positive for me. Very Happy

Colin McC DAFNE Graduate
Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
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Michaelj,I have never had problems with changing needles, been using 4mm for @ 9 years now. My care professionals have always given advice but in turn they always listen to my side. So I have always taken their views & 'giving a try', as I have always found that it may be better, but if it's not then I can always revert back, which you have done & now know that 6mm work for you. Though we are all type 1's what works for one person may not work for someone we are all different. Good that your back to normal Smile