URGENT ADVICE NEEDED - Lancet Devices - Discontinuation of One Touch Comfort Lancets

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FCJ DAFNE Graduate
NHS Harrow
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Hi, hope someone can help me.

When I went to collect my prescription I was told my usual one touch comfort lancets have been discontinued and was provided with delica ones instead. These however are much smaller and don't fit any lancet device I have to hand. My lancets will probably run out tomorrow unless I double dip. My GP practice is pretty clueless when it comes to specific items so don't want to request something unnecessarily especially if it's the wrong item(s). The one touch helpline goes straight to a voicemail service.
I use an omnipod pump/meter so have requested a lancet device from them (never got one with my kit) but they won't send any lancets....

Will try the diabetes specialist nurses but they have been unhelpful lately too (short staffed/part time only).

I'm quite annoyed as the one touch comfort lancets (& device) were the least painful I've used especially in winter.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Alan Constable DAFNE Graduate
Maidstone General Hospital
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I used to use one lancet a week - testing 5 times a day and never had any problems. If by 'double-dipping' you mean using a lancet more than once, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Your diabetes specialist nurses should have a good supply of finger-prickers and lancets.

Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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It's bad practice but I change lancets about once every 6-8 weeks - only once my fingers start hurting. Are lancets free in the UK? Here in Australia they cost quite a lot and changing after every test would lead to bankruptcy pretty quickly. I'm not unique amongst my diabetic friends, in fact I don't know of anyone here who regularly changes their lancets every time. If they were free or low cost I would.

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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Fortunately they are free on prescription in the UK............

Like you I only change when its get sore or if its blunts and cant draw blood.....

my fingers are still pretty soft after 19 years too....

michaelj DAFNE Graduate
South East Kent PCT
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As a short term measure you could get the SD codefree meter and strips. They are the cheapest in the market, strips come in packs of 50 and the lancets are pretty much painless. I've had one now as a spare for 2 years and find it as good as anything else I've used in the past. Yes It doesn't do any singing or dancing technology but the items are easily obtained from Amazon.and would probably be available on prescription. Personally I put a new lancet in each morning and find thats good enough. When hands get cold might take 2 or 3 goes to get a sample with my normal lancet but no problem with the SD lancets.

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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I would encourage you to try to get your DSN's to sort the issue out. Its pointless ( pun intended) to give you lancets that don't fit the device you have. Other people have recommended the SD codefree to me however I would only do it via prescription. I really object to paying for diabetes equipment it should be provided by the NHS, I have spent enough years paying taxes for it and we should NOT be funding our own equipment. If it means throwing the odd hissy-fit at the GP's then you gotta do what you gotta do Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad