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Ethan 1 post

Hi all,

does anyone know where I can get any documentation for the DAFNE course? Unfortunately I work two jobs and I'm studying for my MA so I can't get the time off. I do however need to adopt the plan. I'm currently calculating my units at 2 per 10g of cabohydrate and it seems to be working well, however I'd look more info if I can get it?

I wish there was an e-learning course for this as it would help a lot of people who are actively trying to adopt the program, but can't take time off from work.



novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
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I don't think the DAFNE course material is available to anyone who isn't a graduate unfortunately..........but its still worth asking the question at your clinic as they might provide the handbook....

Its available on here once you have received your graduate code....

There is however a good alternative to use if you cant make it along to a course called BERTIE....

It can be found here

And of course, any questions you may have can be asked on here.....

marke Site Administrator
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absolutely !! Bertie is worth checking and speak to your Diabetes team about structured education , everyone should be offered it and its not just DAFNE. It depends on where you live but everyone should have access to some kind of education and a lot of courses ( including DAFNE) do 5 x 1 day courses over 5 weeks.