Benefits of a Insulin Pump to my Life

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David simpson DAFNE Graduate
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David simpson DAFNE Graduate 5 posts

David simpson DAFNE Graduate 3 posts
I have had a Insight Insulin Pump the freedom of
Not injection each time I eat .The Pump is set out
To deliver the right amount of QA to match the carbs
In the meal.All the time the pump is giving BG insulin
Just like your own pancreas.
You have to test a lot more and make sure the pump is working ..
You have to change site and cannula every 3 days and insulin cartrage the same time .But the pump can be programmed to your individual needs.
It has given me my life back .AS DAFNE course did last year it is amazing .
You test Blood glucose is checked a lot more times around 300 a month you receive funding for it if you meet the requirements and funding is granted it took me since the DAFNE course to get it but I was very close to been in a coma BG 2 now I am in the green most of the time no fear of
Not waking up in the morning big thank to Joe and the Diabetes Teams at Kingston and at Dorking Community Hospital Pump Unit.

David simpson DAFNE Graduate 5 posts
. Education is the key to the pump and Diabetes and carb counting and blood glucose testing to live a long life without worry of Diabetic complications.

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