Libre to be available on the NHS.....

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Oxford - OCDEM
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No libre prescription in Oxfordshire not even by consultants for diagnostics. Will sign petition.

SimonC DAFNE Graduate
NHS Harrow
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Signed the petition

I have been using Libre for about 2 years - and could not be without it now - because of the the information available through its use, my GP and I identified issues that could not have been identified easily through finger pricking - and I was able to make significant changes to my regime - had I not, then I could have cost the NHS a lot more money than the of these.

To individuals like myself the cost is about £50 per unit.
If the NHS were to purchase, I would hope that Abbot would significantly reduce the cost per unit due to the bulk.

I can just about afford £100 p/m - but I would rather not, but I couldn't go back to relying upon the blood tests alone.