Libre to be available on the NHS.....

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novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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I never thought that would happen.....

I wonder what boxes will need to be ticked to get one....

michaelj DAFNE Graduate
South East Kent PCT
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Can I ask where you got this from. Seeing my DSN tomorrow so might try asking for it

NiVZ DAFNE Graduate
NHS Grampian
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The date for this being available is from November 1st and there are still a lot of processes to be put in place before anyone can get them on prescription.

Lots of good information here:

and here:


AnnBL DAFNE Graduate
Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
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Alan Constable DAFNE Graduate
Maidstone General Hospital
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I hope Abbott are geared-up for the volume of sensors that will be required.

michaelj DAFNE Graduate
South East Kent PCT
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Mentioned this to my DSN and when I told her the likely cost she laughed and said no chance, so if you are hoping to get one ,don't hold your breath

JayBee DAFNE Graduate
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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At the Diabetes APPG meeting they had that lead to the decision, they did not neglect to mention the notorious postcode lottery issue. I really expect it to have the same barriers people have for getting things like insulin pumps, so definitely agree about not holding one's breath. Sad Best wishes to anyone who asks. My local hospital decided to run some Libre device trials last year but they stopped doing that earlier this this year. Hopefully they'll change their tune back with this news.

Stuarth DAFNE Graduate
Milton Keynes
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Many people won’t get it each sensor is around £60 you will only get it in certain circumstances... a scan of a libre is also not recognised by dvla as a pre driving glucose test.. I’ll get mine on nhs as I was going to get it independently funded anyway as I am a scaffolder that has no hypoglycaemic awareness

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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I am pretty confident I will get one....I am pumping and I have early maculopathy.....

What does independently funded mean @Stuarth? As in not by you? Who would pay then?

Maybelline10 DAFNE Graduate
Hertfordshire DAFNE Centre
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If the NHS fund these for children then I am happy to pay for mine!
Diabetic for 47 years and have beenon the libre for 2 week trial now and it is brilliant and am going to cut out something to fund it.
For all these years I have put up with injections and testing so the new Libre is the best thing to have happened to me since slice bread was invented!!!
It will be worth it but of course if the NHS fund it for me I will be truly and utterly grateful for giving me a new start to go forward.
I have got this far and have a good record so it can only make it better for me, but of course I know it will be a postcode lottery.