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DianeN DAFNE Graduate
Leeds Teaching Hospitals
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I've just completed the dafne course last week and am just trying to put everything I have learnt into practice. Can anyone give me advice regarding how exercise affects your levels. I understand the principle of giving less insulin but would like to know more about how it affects you the following day etc

pmason DAFNE Graduate
Knox Community Health Service, Victoria
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In my early days when playing basketball at age 30 - 40 I had usual insulin and more carbos. It was the following day that I found I needed less insulin (Basketball was played at night) Now I'm 70 I find I need less insulin on the day of exercise (riding a bike, mowing lawns, gardening, washing car) plus extra carbos. I found the fitter I was the less insulin I needed but now days exercise seems to drop my sugars more immediately. But remember, we are all different and you need to work out your own requirements.