Blood sugar spiking between 3am and 7am

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My blood sugars are manageable most of the day.They start rising at about 9pm and I wake at around 7am with blood sugars on a 7 day average of 13 every day.I get them in range by lunch time and the process starts over again with rising blood sugars rising again at 9pm and throughout the night.I have got up a few times at 3am and taken insulin without carbs and it starts coming back into range by 7am.However that is leaving me at high risk of hypoing whilst sleeping.
Does anyone else experience this ? And if so how did you correct?

torana DAFNE Graduate
Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, NSW
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Hi Paul it's an awful feeling thinking that your BG is high for so long throughout the night and then makes a bad start to the day. I feel like I'm always chasing my tail. When my BG is rising at the end of the night and keeps on going higher towards morning before waking I increase my background insulin by one and then check how it's going at approximately 1-2am. There are so many variables such as amount of exercise, sickness, changes in diet etc etc that I am always careful when making changes to my insulin routine. Also, I have a split background insulin dosage for the morning and night. Best of luck.

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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What BI insulin are you taking and do you split doses i.e take two BI injections a day ? This will help us to advise. It 'could' be something called Dawn Phenomenon however without more information its impossible to suggest anything. It would be useful to know your QA insulin as well and how often you inject this ? ( in theory before meals, but other times ? )