CGM / Libre - Employer Tax Break who provide CGM / Libre to employees

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Joanne Oag DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lothian
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I am not sure if the details below and the link are widely known to many people.

"For adult CGM / Libre users who are employed by helpful employers: there may be a tax break for employers who supply CGM / Libre to their employees.
This information is from a professional tax adviser. It should work, but as far as we know it has only been tested by one person (who succeeded in getting CGM provided by their employer)".

I use the Libre and find it very helpful in managing my diabetes. I am very fortunate by showing this link to my employer and writing to HMRC that I am now able to have this funded by my employer. My employer also looks at this as a good way to help improve my health and therefore have less sick days etc. Hopefully this will become more widely spread throughout companies willing to help their staff, but it can't hurt to have this discussion with your employer / HR department.