Wanted: DAFNE Graduate to participate in professional DAFNE conference

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As part of the annual healthcare professional DAFNE conference Dr Helen Hopkinson is looking for a DAFNE graduate local to Manchester who would be willing to address the conference for 5 minutes maximum on the topic of the DAFNE insulin regimen and the benefits it has brought for them. In particular she is looking for someone who has switched from once daily to twice daily background insulin either for the start or after the DAFNE course and has some thoughts and experiences to express on the benefits of this. This will be a small slot on the podium as part of a plenary presentation that Dr Hopkinson will be delivering to over 120 attendees entitled "is the DAFNE insulin regimen fit for the future?”

The date is Tuesday June 20th 2017. You would be asked to attend the University of Manchester at 9am. Dr Hopkinson's talk begins at 09.40 for 30 minutes, of which part would be your contribution. There are then 10 minutes for questions. You would be free to leave after that, or we would be delighted to host you for the rest of the day if you are interested in staying for the rest of the meeting which will include a number of other presentations and workshops on a variety of topics e.g. the use of Libre in DAFNE.

If you are interested, please respond by e-mail to helen.hopkinson@nhs.net including your name, when and where you completed your DAFNE course and a daytime contact phone number to allow Dr Hopkinson to have a telephone chat with you before confirming your participation.

Many thanks.