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Donkeybee DAFNE Graduate
Northampton General Hospitals
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I have just completed the DAFNE course at Daventry hospital and obviously new to the forum. If someone could advise please. I had a libre fitted on Friday but since then when my arm is in certain positions it is quite painful, I presume that this is not normal, but I don't really want to take it off as this is probably my only chance to trial this unit and it is a great bit of kit. Question

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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I never experienced any pain at all with it. apart from financial Very Happy . It is pretty passive so its unusual to have a reaction, unless its to the sticky stuff that hold it on. The sensor tube only goes a little into the skin . It is a good device so I would just hope it doesn't get more painful. If it does take it out and report it to them, any patient reactions should be logged. No point making yourself potentially ill if you are reacting to tit.