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Diabeeto DAFNE Graduate
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First time poster here so hello all.
I have a bit of an odd situation, one that is causing me a fair bit of stress recently.
When i'm at home or off work, my 1.5/1 qa/carb ratio seems fine, sometimes i'm a bit high but i'm still in the process of tweaking it.
This is the case whether i'm sat at home or walking about or doing light exercise.
However, and this is the weird bit, whenever i'm in work, in a relaxed, retail job, doing very little more, if any, exercise then when not in work, my 1.5/1 ratio seems way too high, i've even had cases where i've given myself less than 1/1 ratio and still headed towards a hypo. I'm planning on making an appointment with my doctor this week but does anybody have any input on this?
I've been type 1 for over 10 years if thats helps.

Warwick DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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Different situations can lead to different insulin needs and if you are finding that you are constantly having hypos when at work, then it is perfectly OK to reduce the dose to a level where you don't hypo. I suggest that you reduce your QA dose at work and monitor your BGLs a little more often than you usually would while doing it just to check that you don't end up with an unexpected high BG reading.