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Lone-Lee DAFNE Graduate
University Hospitals, Leicester
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Hello everyone,
I've just completed the amazing DAFNE course in Leicester
I'm interested in people's thoughts and recommendations about BG Machines.
I have now started using the DARIO maxhine and have to say it has to be the best and easiest machine to use and carry around.
Obviously this excludes the LIBRE only because the sensors aren't yet available on the NHS

novorapidboi26 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Lanarkshire
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I think most machines are good enough but any that offer a bolus calculator and ways of storing all your ratios and correction factors are on top for me......

as a pumper the contour next link is the best for me as it sensd my reading to the pump ready for bolus calculation.....

the libre is great but at its current cost its just not worth if for me..I am still happy doing manual basal tests, which would be the main use for the libre in my eyes.....

a lot of people keep saying it can tell you if your going up or down but i already know that from IOB....

maybe I am just stuck in my