Dosage auto-calculation in apps

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Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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jh0 said:
Basic arithmetic, barely number crunching.

Still, this is difficult for some people - and I don't see why they should be belittled for that.

Switching gears a bit, what was the constructive feedback you had about the app?

torana DAFNE Graduate
Royal North Shore Hospital, St Leonards, NSW
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Hi Simon Well done on the site. It would appear that the DAFNE app to upload blood glucose information is widely used and appreciated by members. I make this assumption because most members online have no posts against their names and hence would most probably be only accessing the app.
I have one suggestion for the app that the location of the injection site on the app includes both the left and right side of the stomach. I alternate stomach sides weekly, using the top half for my quick acting and the lower section below the navel for the long acting insulin. Most diabetic educators have stated to me that the stomach is the most reliable area for the needle.