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Claire007 DAFNE Graduate
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Well that's a shame! I only graduated yesterday so came straight on here then downloaded the App. I noticed the reviews complaining about the removal of this feature and had been trying to find out why as I presumed it was a licencing issue.
That aside, OMG the graphs! I luffs em! So useful to be able to see patterns. A calculator option would have been so useful, I'm not so good at maths and my ratio is likely to change to 3/4 of a unit to 1CP. ( newly diagnosed & honeymooning) To be honest, it fries my brain thinking about it.

I guess the key thing is,
Is it worth complaining to the MHRA along the lines of 'look how frigging complicated our lives are as it is, it's essentially a calculator, please let dafne on line re install it'
Will a complaint fall on deaf ears as there's no way round it other than to get the license? Therefore we need to try and raise cash/source funding?
I notice Simon is also a graduate of STH Smile it would have been good if they'd shown some screen shots of the kind of data you can get from the App to encourage more graduates to use it.

marke Site Administrator
South East Kent PCT
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Hi Claire, sorry but its not worth complaining since the MHRA are a licensing authority. This basically means they are a non-elected public body that really don't care either way if you are upset that the feature has been removed. Their sole focus is patient safety and in their view because the 'dose calculation' relates to insulin that is a potentially lethal drug it has to be licensed,
The issue with licensing is continued funding, not just getting the initial license, I think ultimately we need to work with a drugs company to do this. This is also the case for the next DAFNE 'Project' and so our home is it might be included in that and get funded that way. We fully appreciate how annoying it is for people it is annoying to us too !
I agree with your comments about the app and the course, however its taken 3 or 4 years to even get the site and the app mentioned in the course so expanding the coverage of it will take a while, Perhaps the previously mentioned 'project' might change this as 'online' accessibility and support is a bigger feature of it. However since it has not started yet we may have to wait a while. Simon and I have been promoting the app to the DAFNE medical people at the last 2 annual conferences and did a presentation of it at Addenbrookes ( cambridge) at their open day so we promote it where we can.

Claire007 DAFNE Graduate
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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I shall aim to spread the word where I can! I'll mention the data that can be gleaned at the dafne follow up in a few weeks. Thanks for your reply.

DavidBlackman DAFNE Graduate
Diabetes Australia-Vic, Melbourne, Victoria
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Applications in general. I take it from the posts that a number of people highly value the DAFNEonline app so I assume that a lot of type 1s use a variety of these apps to help them manage their diabetes. I have just read through the NICE, and Australian equivalent, health care professionals guidelines for treating type 1s and there is NO mention anywhere of the benefits of these apps. On that basis my assumption is that many type 1s are well ahead of the HCPs in understanding the benefits of this tool.

Any thoughts anyone?

David, Australia.

Maidstone General Hospital
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Thanks for a wonderful App. Its so so disappointing that it has lost its main functionality, that of helping to calculate QA insulin etc.

Like most Type 1s (had it for 35 years) this was a most valuable function that saved time on peoples busy schedules, as we all know with this weird and wonderful disease ANYTHING that can help our daily routines is a bonus.

Is there anything we can do to put pressure on to get this function back into the App?

This in my view is draconian! we are living in 2015!



Simon Site Administrator
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
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Hi April,

I'm afraid not in the short term - this is EU law which we have to fall in line with (or risk the consequences). Longer term we are looking at getting the app certified but we need a company to help us do this and so far it seems the NHS aren't willing to help.


Gdorean DAFNE Graduate
Maidstone General Hospital
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Hello all, I've just logged onto this site for the first time and am a bit dizzy at how good the iPhone app and info on here are. Brilliant, but obviously not having the calc thing sucks big time.
Nevertheless, finally seeing what's going on here has reinvigorated me. Cheers

Bananaman DAFNE Graduate
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What if there was an official Dafne page on Facebook, could someone anonymously be able to create a hack for people to download/install on their phones to allow auto calculation?