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lucy1gus2 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Tameside and Glossop
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Has anybody tried using this vinegar before meals and bed to reduce their BG. I'm Type 1 and have been trying it for the past week. Getting some good readings but also some lows which as usual is a pain.


Pippa Mc DAFNE Graduate
Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester
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Hi Lucy,

No, I haven't heard of it before, what is the science behind it? Where did you hear of it from?

How is it working?

lucy1gus2 DAFNE Graduate
NHS Tameside and Glossop
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Hi Pippa,

Apparently it's an old fashioned folk remedy which I read about. Then I found were also suggesting the benefits were worth considering. The theory is that the acetic acid found in Apple Cider Vinegar slows the digestion of starch leading to low sugar levels in the bloodstream.I purchase Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with mother from Higher Nature. £6-70/350ml

I take 5ml in 250ml of water as I start eating before meals and then use the Dafne regime with regards to CP and insulin..

Admittedly its early days but there does seem to be some sort of effect ( for the better ) on my blood glucose levels. I am using a 1 to !0CP ratio and am on Novorapid at meals and Lantus at bed ( but also on Metformin 850 x3 times day )

Need to fine tune but looking good. Also look up apple cider vinegar on the internet

Mike_p DAFNE Graduate
Kent and Sussex Weald Diabetes Centre
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Hi Lucy/Pippa, did you come to any conclusion on the use of ACV? I have just stumbled across this via you tube, where there are loads of videos about using it, some recommending and some nonsensing it, so I am going have a go to see if it makes much of a difference to me?! Thanks!

Durham Diabetes Network
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Hi there, Don't forget to get it with the 'mother' part or it will be just a seasoning for your high carb chips!! Tried it myself as a tonic but think I overdid the amount of ACV the first time! - so as Lucy suggests start with 5ml in 250ml water & see what you think Smile