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Colin McC DAFNE Graduate
Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
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I received an email from Abbotts regarding the freestyle libre-link app. Looks as if this is available now for both android ( OS version 5 or higher) & iPhone (OS11, IPhone 7 or higher). May give this a try as I have had my reader for almost 2 years now and tis good to have a back-up just in case. Also may save as one less object to carry around. Looks like the same readings as on the reader and tis free!

Garry DAFNE Graduate
North Lincolnshire
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Have loaded it on my iOS 11 apple phone...and it looks fine...except once you have started a new sensor with an Abbott Libre reader the iPhone App will not read it. The sensor needs to be started from the App. I'll now need wait another 12 days to find out if it works. I'll give feedback then. I think the implication is that one sensor - one reader...whichever you choose to start a sensor off is the only one that can read it. I hoped that they would double up to provide flexibility, as there have been times when I have forgotten to put the reader in my pocket.

ma2swr DAFNE Graduate
Oxford - OCDEM
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Speaking with the rep when i had a test of the system, both devices need to be paired within the first 30 minutes. It needs to be done with the hand unit first if you wish to use both, followed by the phone, otherwise it will not work, and locks out the handset device. However, if you get this right, you can use them interchangeably - although readings taken on the handset are only viewable once they have been uploaded or got off the machine, whilst the app will maintain a full record.
It is useful, and can be brilliant, but do need to resist the urge to compensate for what the meter appears to show, as you may still have live insulin, and potentially will undo any good from dose adjusting.
There will be moves towards closed loop systems, where this technology will be indispensible, but as it is not yet 'properly' on the nhs, it very quickly gets expensive, and so is really most use for a focused 2 week dive into readings, such as for sport, or to really nail down out of zone numbers.

Garry DAFNE Graduate
North Lincolnshire
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Thanks for your knowledge share ma2swr. Very helpful. I’ll do as recommended and hopefully be able to read from reader or phone. Much obliged.